Frequently Asked Questions

A modern social network functioning as a decentralized community, for building your own autonomous communities and harnessing the power of collective goodwill.

A decentralized community is one where every community member is free to do anything they will. In this case, 3bewte is a community of folks like you who are free to build your own communities.

An autonomous community is one where the host of the community decides how the community should operate. In this case, you can define your own cultures, strategies, and business models within your communities on 3bewte.

3bewte is a content marketplace with social profiles and tools for growing your network and revenue. We offer a protected platform for you to engage actively with your communities.

For you. Whether you’re a creator, artist, business owner, gamer, influencer, or just another human - 3bewte is a place to express your heart, mind, soul, skills, and creativity. Find your true fans here.

True fans are not just people who will buy anything you sell. They are the pillars of your community, who align with your vision and genuinely support your endeavours.

A $BEW is a native crypto token that makes any activity or transaction on 3bewte possible.

You can buy $BEW on decentralized exchanges (DEX). As a creator, you can also earn $BEW for your content or activity such as community or fan engagements.

Our goal is to build a harmonious, joyful, non-toxic, and safe choice of social media. A community for you to leverage the power of digital media to create experiences in real life that are worthwhile.

We’re currently testing the beta version on an invite-only basis. Subscribe to our mailing list or join our discord community for early access to 3bewte.